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  • Find the right speed for your growth!

    Starting and growing a business has many similarities to driving. To reach your destination safe and in time it is all about having the right vehicle, knowing how to handle it, adapting to road conditions and of course the right fuel. While the right fuel is the obvious part the right vehicle for your plans…

  • Article Assets Magazine // Portrait on Round2 Capital Partners

    Assets Magazine featured Round2 Capital Partners in their latest issue. Christian Czernich, Jan Hillered and Isabella Hermann-Schön talk about how they came up with the ideal of „Round2Cap“, what challenges young companies face in Austria today and what benefits Round2 offers both to investors as well as entrepreneurs. You can read the full article here!

  • Article Die Presse // Christian Czernich on Round2 Capital Partners

    Christian Czernich talked about the workings of Round2 Capital Partners in the Austrian Newspaper „Die Presse“ in June 2017. What alternatives to bank loans are there when looking for financing for your company? And what kind of new investment possibility does Round2 Capital Partners offer? You can find the full article online!