Round2 Lab

Round2 Lab is a leading European program for young companies in their scale-up phase bringing together high calibre coaches with exceptional tech companies. So far more than 20 ventures from four countries have concluded the Round2 Lab, many of them having successfully scaled their business, raised more capital and closed profitable exits.

Round2 Talks: Mastering Sales for SaaS

We present a series of digital talks that focus on different aspects of scaling-up. In our first edition Isabella Hermann-Schön (Round2 Capital) invites WhatAVenture CEO Philippe Thiltges and serial entrepreneur Martin Schürrer (CTO PSPDFKit) to discuss how SaaS companies master the art of sales.


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Round2 Lab: X Road Media


Over the past two years Round2 Capital has been continuously growing its portfolio and now welcomes Vienna-based XRoadMedia as the 11th portfolio company provided with a revenue based financing facility.


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Round2 Lab 2020/2021


Starting on November 4th 2020, the third iteration of the program will get going and will be finished by the end of Q1 2021. The program modules focus on key challenges regarding people, innovation management, strategy, marketing, execution and finance.


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Round2 Press & News

Follow our activities in press & media and get insight into our fonds‘ development over time.

WirtschaftsWoche: Mit Fremdkapital auf die Überholspur


When we introduced revenue-based finance to the Europen market in 2017 we knew that this financing instrument would be a game changer for young innovative companies: we talked to WirtschaftsWoche about why our model meets the needs of scale-ups in Europe.


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Gründer & Zünder: Stefan Nagel über Start-Up Finanzierung


Round2 Capital Partner Stefan Nagel talked to the podcast outlet „Gründer & Zünder“ about Start-Ups and the financing eco-system in Europe. This in-depth feature also covers the basics of revenue-based finance and its relevance for SaaS business models.


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Round2 grows its capital to EUR 30m


Founded in 2017, Round2 is a growth stage investor in leading digital scale-up companies and a pioneer of revenue-based finance in Europe. The fund is today announcing the successful closing of another round of fundraising taking its assets under management to close to EUR 30m.


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Portfolio Updates

Round2 supports outstanding entrepreneurs in driving their business forward without diluting ownership. The way company value is created has undergone fundamental changes. Today value is created by disruptive business models building on immaterial assets, digitization and technological progress.

Investment in Myra Security shows outstanding performance


Round2 is on the lookout for those rare gems that are continuously overperforming and keep accelerating. Round2 portfolio company Myra Security is truly such a company: Myra Security is a German IT Security-as-a-Service company that plays in the Champions League.


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Portfolio news: jacando joins the Round2 portfolio


Round2 announces its youngest addition to its portfolio: jacando offers innovative solutions in the field of HR. About jacando jacando has its origins as a mediation platform. “jacando search“ was launched in 2013: An integrated algorithm that matches the skills of applicants.


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Round2 Capital Partners provides expansion capital to Vainu


Round2 invests in the form of a revenue based loan, which will be used by the company to strengthen its leading position in current markets and for geographic expansion.  Round2 Capital Partners (EuVECA) GmbH & Co KG announces the signing of an investment agreement with Vainu.


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Knowledge Base

Revenue-based financing is a simple type of funding in which a company receives funding in exchange for a share in its future revenue until a pre-defined absolute amount – the cap – is reached. Unlike rigid repayment plans of bank loans or venture debt instruments, the repayments in revenue-based finance are tied to monthly revenue and thus naturally adapt to cash flows, going up when revenues are strong and down when revenues are weak. As no valuation is necessary funding can easily be increased as revenues increase.

How revenue-based finance creates value for founders


Revenue-based finance is a quantum leap forward in the way the growth of digital businesses with recurring revenues is funded. The Round2 revenue-based finance solution is not only a simple, flexible and transparent form of growth funding, it also creates exceptional value for Founders and shareholders without diluting ownership.

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Revenue-Based Financing and the funding ecosystem


Revenue-based finance has become an important part of the funding ecosystem. In the US and Canada there are more than 25 revenue-based finance funds, which have successfully funded hundreds of fast growing companies. Especially suitable for revenue-based funding are SaaS firms as the funding can be built into the stream of recurring revenues.

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Are you a SaaS founder looking for growth capital?


Founders of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies use various sources of capital through the different stages of the companies’ development. Based on conversations with hundreds of SaaS businesses over the last couple of years, this article provides an overview of how founders of SaaS companies evaluate the alternatives available.

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