Our portfolio companies

Round2 supports outstanding entrepreneurs in driving their business forward without diluting ownership. The way company value is created has undergone fundamental changes. Today value is created by disruptive business models building on immaterial assets, digitization and technological progress. Yet, the way these companies are financed has not changed, bank finance and venture capital are still the same. At Round2 we believe that new business models require a new form of financing and we are providing it.


The Boltenstern brand has been renowned with Austria´s high net worth families and with festival guests in Salzburg, etc. and in the luxury goods segment since the 1960s.

Boltenstern GmbH today combines this traditional craftmanship expertise and brand name using proprietary design algorithms and advanced 3D printing technology for gold, silver and platinum. Marie Boltenstern, the daughter of Swen Boltenstern has created unique modern designs and a scalable business model that is suitable for international expansion of the business. At the same time, she embodies the brand´s elegance and history ensuring credibility in a traditional industry.
The firms multichannel approach with online, wholesale and own retail channels as well as the high gross profit margins provide for an interesting business plan and investment opportunity.


Flic lets you control devices, apps and services with just a press. Together with a smart phone or hub the button is used to control various functions like smart home, convenience, security alerts, etc. Out of its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden, by an experienced start-up team flic serves a global client base.


As a German technology manufacturer, Myra offers a secure, certified Security-as-a-Service platform. The smart Myra technology monitors, analyses and filters out harmful traffic before it can cause damage. The owner-managed company protects the digital business processes of the European Central Bank, the German Federal Government, Munich RE, Sixt, and other market leaders from virtual attacks.


MyPrivateBoutique (MPB) sells premium fashion and beauty products in special campaigns at discounted prices to its registered members. The Company offers current season products that can be found in boutique shelves. In October 2016 MPB launched a second platform, MyPrivateDressing, which is a customer-to-customer online marketplace for premium second-hand products.

By expanding its offering, MPB is supporting the promotion of a circular economy mindset in fashion and beauty. MPB is headquartered in Geneva and has established an operations support center in Portugal.


Vainu is building a real-time company data platform that helps salespeople use fresh, reliable data in every customer interaction. The platform is aimed at European B2B sales organizations with a CRM, improving their customer experience and increasing sales close rates.


Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the company launched in 2014 and is now a team of 150, spread across Europe. Vainu is used by over 2,200 sales organizations globally, including customers like EY, Santander, Bridgestone, and SAP. Vainu won the award for Best Bootstrapped Startup in the Nordics in both 2017 and 2018. Read more at www.vainu.com.

By expanding its offering, MPB is supporting the promotion of a circular economy mindset in fashion and beauty. MPB is headquartered in Geneva and has established an operations support center in Portugal.


HomeMaker provides a SaaS platform for property developers to simplify the workflow related to selling homes and the after sales management of all warranty services. Property buyers can tailor their home by selecting all the fixed interior for their kitchen, bathroom, and other living areas. The platform enables them to visualize their new home in 3D and to directly order the selection. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, HomeMaker is expanding to new markets in Europe and globally.


Minubo offers an enterprise business intelligence cloud solution for brands and omni-channel retailers of all sizes which covers analytical needs on all levels. The solution comprises a full BI stack as a plug & play concept – from integrations across processing and modelling to a wide range of tools that enable every role to make better, faster data-driven decisions.

Also it provides its customers with a short-cut to a data-driven decision culture by covering all analytical areas: easy reporting, flexible business analytics as well as operational insights including intelligent action recommendations. The Minubo team is based in Hamburg and has established a presence in the USA.


With the experience of more than 15 years, ONTOPx GmbH develops, produces and distributes lamps worldwide under various brands & OEM labels for applications in industrial and public spaces. As a Pioneer in the LED market, ONTOPx are specialized in the planning, development and realization of individual products and lighting solutions. ONTOPx is based outside Frankfurt and has a broad European client base.


Ocast provides an online toolkit for media sellers. The company’s SaaS offering is based on three modules: Influencers, Brands and Group of Brands. Media publishers of all sizes use Ocast as a new inbound channel to attract advertisers, agencies and media planners with the aim to improve conversion, to speed up work flows and to improve operating efficiency. The company’s service is used by some of the largest European media groups like Bonnier, Schiebstedt, Egmont, ebay etc. Ocast was founded in 2017 by Mike Radoor, CEO, and Eric Gisaeus, Product Owner, and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.