Round2 invests: Meet our portfolio!

We already introduced to you the founders of Shortcut Labs and their smart flic button in the last blog entry about our first investment in Sweden. But there are others you need to get to know. We’ve invested in the inventive minds of very different businesses. They all have something in common: a promising future. And a future with Round2 Capital Partners.

HomeMaker AB is a SaaS company providing software to real estate developers and construction companies that allow the buyers of real estate property to visualize their future apartment in 3D and to configure and order interior equipment such as floors, bathroom or kitchen interior. An additional product enables developers to manage warranties of property already sold. HomeMaker is a spin-off of Brightlabs AB, an incubator and technology investment firm within the Serendipity Group in Stockholm, Sweden. The products find good resonance in the market and the team is very driven to further expand the business in Sweden and abroad.

Economic expansion, the annual increase in the number of households and an increasing cost-awareness of customers are leading to a steadily rising demand for lighting solutions with higher energy-efficiency and longer life spans than offered by conventional technologies. ONTOPx GmbH in Germany has recognized this attractive market opportunity and is offering a variety of LED products, e.g. tubes, troffers and street lights, to B2B customers. Expressing this development in numbers, the market for professional LED lamps and luminaries will be EUR 3.5 billion in Europe in 2020. Round2 has provided ONTOPx with a revenue-based loan to support sales growth.

Boltenstern GmbH is a renowned brand among Austria’s upmarket jewellery buyers since the 1960s. Today, Boltenstern GmbH combines this traditional craftmanship expertise and brand name with proprietary design algorithms and advanced 3D printing technology for the manufacture of gold, silver and platinum jewellery. Marie Boltenstern, the daughter of Swen Boltenstern has created unique modern designs and a scalable business model that is suitable for international expansion of the business. The firm’s multichannel approach with online, wholesale and own retail channels as well as the high gross profit margins provide for an interesting business plan and investment opportunity.