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Round2 is a financing partner for European scale-ups with digital and sustainable business models. In the scale-up phase outstanding entrepreneurs manage to transform their business from a succeessful venture into a real company. Round2 offers the innovative funding instruments and insights needed to master this transformation process. Founded in 2017, Round2 has pioneered revenue-based finance in Europe: a flexible, non-dilutive funding instrument.



Over the past years Round2 Capital built a fast growing ecosystem including investors, experts and founders, providing innovative funding options for fast growing companies in Europe. Learn more about our company, our portfolio and our standards in regards to sustainable growth.


Investment News: French scale-up Hamilton Apps joins Round2 Capital portfolio


Coming from a security-oriented solutions background Hamilton Apps is offering a wide range of products within a single integrated platform named “Smart Workplace Portal.


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Round2 grows its capital to EUR 30m


Founded in 2017, Round2 is a growth stage investor in leading digital scale-up companies and a pioneer of revenue-based finance in Europe. The fund is today announcing the successful closing of another round of fundraising taking its assets under management to close to EUR 30m.


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EUR 5m investment for Enterprise File Services company DRACOON

DRACOON, a leading provider in the field of secure enterprise file services, successfully closed another financing round. Financing partner Round2 Capital joins as a new investor


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We invest in fast growing companies and specialize in SaaS business models. Our portfolio companies drive digitalization, offer innovative products and further emphasize sustainability on all levels of operations. We offer a wide range of resources